Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Rainy Days…!

It’s raining outside, here in Seoul…!

Started as tiny droplets…! Slowly, slowly gets intensified…! Now seems it’s going to be a showering heavy down pour…! While I was standing on the corridor I saw two Arabians watching the rain elatedly…! They said, “In Arabia, we never experience such moments there since it’s geographically a desert nation…!” and moved ahead to their work stations. Came back within few minutes, they said, “We are gonna enjoy until it stops”.

No wonder. Mountains, Elephants, Water Falls, Rain, Lawns, Breeze…….who won’t like all these in this beautiful world! But, Rain which makes everything lush is always so special among all. It has been viewed at different angles all the way in my life.

It’s raining out here…!
Rain was my dearest friend during my childhood days even though I’d my unlimited aversions on her associates like Muddy Pits, monstrous dirty Mosquitoes, creeping Millipedes & Leeches, disgusting Mushrooms, tormenting Power Failures which usually she carries along with herself. Despite these associates on which I still have repugnance over them, there are plenty of wonderful reasons to admire this beautiful natural phenomenon. But I loved the Rains of my School Days not for those wonderful reasons, instead for the favors they did to me, remarkably, favoring me in not doing the Homework (thanks to all those Power Failures), relaxing me from wearing Shoes, awarding half-days quite often, wiping out the fate of standing on hour-long prayers, facing no questions on late arrivals.

Well, when it comes to Shoes, I hated because of that Ogre called “Woolen Socks”. Later in my teen days I used to revenge my enemies who were always smarter in overtaking me in the race of getting the attentions of the now “Aunties” then “Beauties” of my school. I retaliated them by mentioning this fellow’s noble trait J on their desks which is “At times you feel you got dejected, thrashed, tired, bored by the teachers, fucked off by the Assignments, fed up by the competitions in getting a girl friend, messed up with the viva-voce……, go back to your home, just unknot the shoes, remove your socks, take it as close as possible to your nose and smell it gently & feel the eternal bliss, buddy…!”

Like all normal children, I also fell on frequent 2 minutes Coughs; 3 minutes Fevers & 4 minutes Headaches at the peak hours of preparation to go school on rainy days. Same way, like all Fathers in the world, my dad also mercilessly dragged me to the school by saying “Don’t create much scene baby; I’m your father…!” He never cared my words of “If I were you I’ll not treat my son heartlessly like this…!” by countering me with his, “I’m not quite impressed by your drama, kid”.  Though a good ranking student all over my academic career, my parents got so tired and disturbed whenever reports reached them that their kid maintained his Books & Notebooks so badly. When they asked me the reasons I didn’t dare to say that I turned them all into beautiful boats, i.e. from a state of non-moving, useless papers to independent, dynamic stuffs! Throughout my School days, Rainy days were most of the times much helpful and close to my heart than my parents and brothers as they protected me from the evils like Homework, Impositions, and Weekly Tests etc. 

It’s pouring down heavily now…!
Things were entirely different in my phase of College. It’s my opinion that in our country at least as far as boys are concerned parents have either least or very least worries when it comes to their academic performance. And, it’s because they believe a guy will realize and manage at any point of time sooner or later. This liberty gifts them the ‘College Days’ as a better time really to live like the way they wish. And, at this stage it’s damn sure that one’s dad won’t decide when his son to attend the class and bunk as well. J

In contrast to my School days Rains were seen and loved for many things during this phase. Yes, I had a meaningful affection which dissolved me completely into her. With just a cup of hot Coffee and crispy Snacks (thanks Mom..!), I always got my mood overwhelmingly elevated on

“Watching these shiny droplets through the window;
Feeling the magic done by the mild breezy drizzles;
Smelling the fragrances she releases while touching the soil;
Hearing the rhythmical drum notes as she thunders;
Shrinking the eyes while she lights the world,
And, widening the same when she paints the green lands greener”.

Those were the golden rainy moments well imbibed through my eyes and stored for ever in my gallery of memories. Also, it’s my unaltered thought that the time when Sky starts romancing the Earth is the best time to get hidden under the blanket by enjoying Ilayaraja’s undying tracks of 80s. Those were the days when I had my opinion that holding an Umbrella while raining is strictly foolishness. A sheer foolishness…! 

It’s still raining out here….!
Today I’m floating on the stage of my Professional Life. My Boss used to say, “The phase of ‘Completeness’ in a man usually starts from his Professional Journey". Yes, He is absolutely right but the sad part of it is “Complete in Incompleteness”. Yes, Life is now completely incomplete…! J 

I asked my Boss, “Boss, How would you feel while it rains…?”
What…? Rain…? No point wasting time in watching such silly things…! By the by, when will you finish the task? You were supposed to send that a week ago, weren’t you?
“Yeah, will do it now”, I replied irritatingly.
“Boss, what you think of the rates of accidents in Seoul?”
 It’s quite low, you see…! But, Could you let me understand how this question will help you in sending that document to me?
Oh, yeah! It’ll not help me in sending the document but may cause some delays to you in reviewing that.
“By the by in India the accident rates are high, we young Engineers have ample of chances to visit hospitals often to convey Best Regards and Get Well Soon cards to our seniors”. It was ecstatic to see his eyes got widened…!

Ok! Guys, I need to jump in to the heaps of documents which are awaiting my turn…! Just a part of my damn donkey job as it deals a lot with 'Papers' J. What they say is an undisputed fact, “What you sow so shall you reap”. It doesn’t matter whether you commit a mistake or not, what matters is which mistake you choose? I chose mine as “Engineering”. For that mistake of four years, I’ve been punished Lifetime J. If I find the bloody who invented all these words Education, Engineering, Examination, Interview, Job, Boss, Schedule, Project, Quality Management, this, that etc….etc…..will definitely curse him to become an “Engineer”.  Just go to hell, you Satan…!

Staring at my monitor, I’m just filling the excel datasheet by remembering my boss’s statement of  “It's no point wasting time in watching such silly things…!” It’s still raining out here.  Nature never fails in performing her duties. It’s only me who has changed bit a lot.

It’s still raining out here…!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Chidambaram Lord Nataraja Temple...!

LORD NATARAJA (Image Courtesy-Google)
"Avanindri oar anuvum asaiyaadhu" a popular saying in Tamil, meaning "If not for him, not an atom moves" is the description to the omnipotence of Lord Shiva. Hindu Saivaites who worship this destroyer god as the authority of Death, Rebirth and Immortality term this temple as Boologa Kailaayam "The Kailas on Earth".

Temple of Lord Nataraja is located in Chidambaram-a beautiful town in the northern part of Tamil Nadu, India.  This temple-a symbol of Dravidian Architecture stands tall for its elegant beauty by holding a very long history. It’s one of the Panchabootha Sthalams where Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Sky or Space (Aakaya/Aakasa) and hence it’s also described as Aakaya Sthalam.


The entire temple complex is enriched with its architectural beauty which is highly difficult to express them in words. Sculptures with various dance movements, wider Courtyards, Construction descending gradually towards the main Sanctum, Stupendous spacious designs which allow enough air and sunlight, ancient beautiful frescos on the ceiling of the shrines, Giant and Strong pillars of granites with enormous minute works, perfectly sketched drainage systems etc., are the salient architectural features of this temple. The dancing stature of Lord Nataraja here is a world famous one and regarded as a Cultural and Religious symbol of both Tamils and Hindus as well. This temple complex is located at the heart of this town over almost 40 acres (Courtesy: Wikipedia) of land. The entire landscape of the temple is squared (in fact a slightly irregular Rectangle) by the major arteries termed as Car Streets of Chidambaram on all four directions. The West Car Street is stated as the Commercial Street of Chidambaram. 


The temple has five concentric Courtyards (Prakaarams), four of which are accessible to the public, the fifth being only accessible to the priests (Dheekshitars) since it lies within the walls of the main sanctum. The first Courtyard is full of gardens. The temple has four major Gateways or Towers (Gopurams) each in all the four directions immediately after the first courtyard. Each Gopuram is having seven levels.  Among all these four, even though the Gopuram located at South is called as Raja Gopuram the one at North is slightly tallest among all. The Gopurams are sculpted with all 108 dance movements (Karanas) of Bharatnattiyam. The second courtyard which actually starts from the boundary walls that embrace these tall Gopurams has shrines of various Gods and Goddesses, ‘Hall of 1000 Pillars’ and the holy ‘Temple Tank’. The third and fourth courtyards are located inside the main temple complex where the shrine of Lord Nataraja is located. The fifth courtyard houses the Sanctum Sanctorum (Citsabhai) of main deity.  

GOLD GILDED CITSABHAI (Image Courtesy-Google)

This temple contains five Sabhais which are nothing but halls elevated or at par with the floors. Citsabhai (Hall of Consciousness) is the Sanctum Sanctorum which houses the presiding deity Lord Nataraja. Kanakasabhai is the ritual and pooja hall in front of Citsabhai.  Nrithyasabhai is located opposite to the Citsabai is the place where the dance contest between Lord Nataraja and goddess Parvathi devi was held.  Rajasabhai -The Hall of 1000 pillars is located at the North-East direction in the fourth courtyard and Devasabhai  is located in the third courtyard houses the Marriage Hall, Yagasaalai etc. The Sanctum Sanctorum is a unique and marvelous architectural piece which is built over granite stones with its roof gilded with gold. Historical prints say the gilding was done at periods of the Chola kings Aditya and Parantaka.



This temple complex also abodes shrines for Lord Govindaraja Perumal (Lord Vishnu) and his consort Pundareega valli thaayaar. It’s obviously one of the unique features of the temple to have both the shrines of Lord Shiva and Vishnu under one roof. Very few temples on the Earth have this feature.  Both the shrines of Lord Vishnu and his consort are situated in the fourth courtyard very adjacent and opposite to the Sanctum Sanctorum of main deity. The shrine of Lord Govindaraja Perumal is called as Thiruchitrakootam which was sung by Alwars (Chief devotees of Lord Vishnu). It’s one of the 108 key shrines (Divyadesams) of Lord Vishnu. Also, this temple has separate shrines for Parvathy (Sivagama Sundari), Ganesh (Mukkurni Vinayagar), Murugan (Pandiyanayakan), Navalingam, Sundareswara & Meenakshi-the presiding deities of Madurai temple. All these buildings can be found in the second courtyard.


ShivaGanga-is the Temple Tank (Theertham) situated on the north end of this temple, exactly adjacent to the hall of thousand pillars. Devotees use to take bath during morning and evening before they go for worship.  I’ve never seen this pond gone dry till today. It’s a great joy to feed fishes the puffed rice (pori) in the pond.  All the water used for cleaning the statues of gods and goddesses are drained to this pond which are the food for the fishes in this pond.

Out of six festivals (Thiruvizha) a year, the Margazhi Thiruvaadhirai and Aaani Thirumanjanam which are celebrated on December-January and June-July respectively are so special. As in other temples the festival here also starts with the flag hoist (Kodiyetram). 8 days later are the main celebrations like ‘Temple Car Processions’ (Ther Thiruvizha) & ‘The Dance of Bliss’ (Dharisanam) on consecutive days. Only during these auspicious festival days of Margazhi Thiruvaadhirai and Aaani Thirumanjanam the main deity along with other gods and goddesses like Murugan, Vinayagan and Sivagami are brought out of their Sanctum Sanctorum and placed on the separate temple cars of each deity. The East gate is the main entrance and exit through which the gods and goddesses are carried and placed on the Temple Cars. These cars which are most beautiful among all in Tamilnadu are drawn by thousands and thousands of devotees from East Car Street through South, West and finally come and land on the East where the procession actually started.


The world famous Natyanjali festival which is dedicated to the main deity Lord Nataraja has been conducted by the administration of this temple every year for 5 days during ShivaRatiri. Though Natyanjali festivals are regularly celebrated all over the world originally it was first introduced in this temple. During these five days noted and greatest performers around the world come and perform here. This festival attracts huge inflow of foreigners in to this temple town during these days.

One can have the joy of shopping in well arranged small and big series of shops which sell Spiritual Books, Beautiful Portraits of Deities, Pooja and ritual things like Coconut, Flowers, Garland, Camphor, Incense Sticks and fruits etc. There are lot many good restaurants to have and enjoy excellent, tasty South Indian Cuisines.


The South Gopuram is very near to my home and it takes in fact hardly 10 minutes of walking to reach the temple.  It renders always a divine peace while taking a walk on the corridors of this very vast temple. Now I’m recalling those golden days when I went regularly to the temple by holding hands of my parents. Those days which I enjoyed the charms of this temple and its sculptures by having delighted and jaw dropped chats with my Mom are still green in my memories. As I’ve been living out of Chidmabaram and Tamilnadu for almost 8 years, I couldn’t get the opportunity to visit the shrines quite often as I did in those days.  But still I use to go and have the enchanting feelings whenever I visit Chidambaram on my vacations. Walking on the corridors of this holy temple on yellow sunsets by hearing the mesmerizing hymns “Om Nama Shivaya” with gliding breeze will get oneself relieved from all other external things and worries.  
Just make a try to feel the same, friends…!

All the images except the Temple Car, Citsabhai  and Natyanjali festival were taken by me few years ago when i went there for my vacation. Also, while just grazing over the Youtube videos, I accidentally happened to see a footage of approximately 2 mins of length which shows this beautiful temple with a fantastic background score.  Here is the footage below.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Chidambaram- A Beautiful Temple Town…!

"Chidambaram", located near the shores of  Bay of Bengal, is a beautiful temple town falls under the district of Cuddalore which is placed in the northern part of Tamil Nadu. This is situated 240 km south of the capital city-Chennai. The land and the life of the people here are still truly innate and highly undisturbed by the rapid urbanization. Surrounded by more than hundreds of beautiful villages, it is not only a major landmark for the people who live around this temple city but a real remarkable spot for many good things like Pilgrimage, Business, Education for the people all around the world. It has its boundaries mainly well spread on either side of the stretch of NH-45A. Like every human, I’m also having my perennial memories and thirsts to get back into those childhood days I spent at my native town.

Geographically, it is located on the plains of the River Kollidam which is a distribution branch of River Cauvery. Temple of Lord Nataraja & its glories and the world famous dance festival “Nattiyanjali” are the things first strike on one’s mind right away when you talk about Chidambaram. In fact this town is the bottle neck for Hindu devotees to start their journey to other pilgrimage cities down south like Mayiladuthurai, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Trichy, Madurai, Rameshwaram and Kanyakumari.

"Temple of Lord Nataraja is a divine pilgrimage centre for both the Shivaites and Vaishnavites. It’s a world famous tourist attraction which pulls huge international and national crowds in to it greatly.  It’s a symbol of majestic “Dravidian Architecture”. Though the temple has its account showing its development and growth on various periods by kings from different kingdoms like Cholas, Cheras, Pandyas & Pallavas, the significant contributions to this standing symbol of Dravidian Architecture were purely by Cholas who were called as the “Athenians of India”.

"Natarajar" means "King of Dance" in English which is the name of Lord Shiva as Cosmic Dancer. Tamil translation of the word “Temple” is “Kovil”. That’s why, this temple is called by the people around this area as “Natarajar Kovil”. This temple stands tall for its elegant beauty by holding a very long history. It’s one of the “Panchabootha sthalaa” where Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of Sky (Akaya) and hence it’s also described as “Aakaya Sthal”. The dancing stature of Lord Nataraja which one can see here is a world famous one. This temple is located at the heart of this town over almost 40 acres(Courtesy: Wikipedia) of land. This temple has four major gateways (Sannidhi) each at all the four cardinals. Each Gopuram is having seven levels. Walking on the corridors of this holy temple on yellow sunsets by listening to the mesmerizing mantra “Om Nama Shivaya” with lullabying breeze will get oneself relieved from all other external burdens and worries.

Other attractive temples in Chidambaram are "Thillai Kaaliamman" and "Keezhaththeru Mariyamman" both are dedicated to goddess “Parvathi” which draw thousands of devotees all across Tamil Nadu into them.


Apart from temples it has many attractive tourist sites in and around the town. “Pichavaram”- a unique Eco-Tourism centre, is a home to the largest Mangrove forest in the world. It is located just 15 km from this town. The 2800 acres of area covered by Pichavaram has number of beautiful islands in it. A boat ride on these dense thick mangrove forests is always an enjoyable and exhilarating experience to have. The thick Mangrove forests were the one which guarded many villages in this area from the devastating Indian Ocean Tsunami on 2004 by appeasing its brutality by their strength. These forests and seashore have various type of habitats like Shores, Sands, Mud, Mangroves etc which attract different species of birds from foreign and other states of India. The “Dawn Fest”, a traditional festival called as “Vidiyal Vizha” in Tamil which showcases various interesting Cultural Programs, Boat Riding, Sea Food Festival, Traditional Music Performances, Yoga demonstrations, Sun Rise and Sun set events etc. is organized by “Tamil Nadu Tourism and Development Corporation” which attracts both International and Domestic visitors at larger extent.

“MGR thittu”, a small fabulous Islet village near this Pichavaram is a perfect, peaceful and coolest weekend hangout for youngsters and students. This village was completely washed out by the attack of Tsunami. Still it draws the tourists to have their feet down by its phenomenal beauty. Though the people who managed to escape from the attack were all displaced to the shore some who were raised on this island used to start their fishing daily from here.

"Annamalai University" which is having its splendid history and pride for its services of educating the people of India since the pre-independent days (ie. from very earliest of the 20th century) has its main house located here. This institution renders diversified education to the people of this nation with its glorious history. The literacy rate of this town has gone up to 84% has a significant contribution from this university.

The Greatest saints like “Ramalinga Adigalar” (Vallalaar) and “Sri.Ragvendira Swamigal“ lived in the villages called “Marudur” and “Bhuvanagiri”  respectively which are at closest vicinity to the town of Chidmabaram

It’s a land that widely yields Paddy & Sugarcane and also fertile to offer Coconut plantations. The Lake Veeranam which covers the area of dimensions of approximately 11km length and 4km width is the major reservoir for agriculture and potable needs of the people of Chidambaram. This lake gets water from “River Kollidam”. With both these “River Kollidam” and “Lake Veeranam” this particular part of the land looks always greener. But, nowadays like in other parts of the state the raising interest to adapt urbanization and increasing population and unpredictable/irregular monsoon conditions lead the people not to rely only on agriculture and vegetations. During summer, both these remain dry until the next monsoon.

One can find good lodging and boarding services everywhere in and around this temple town. Restaurants, Hotels, Lodges are evenly scattered across the town. There are lot many good Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian restaurants to have and enjoy variety of excellent, tasty South Indian cuisines. Few of them are Moorthy Café, Double A restaurant, Hotel Mansrover, Pandiyan Mess, Kamala Mess, Chain hotels of Thillai Sri Ganesh. “Puththur Jayaram Hotel" located on the national highway NH-45A in the direction to Mayiladuthurai is literally an important stop for those who really want to taste the delicious, mouth watering Non-Vegetarian meals including sea foods.

Chidambaram is famous for its exquisite handmade Gold and Silver ornaments. There are specific families in Chidambaram who have been involving in this business since many generations. These techniques of making ornaments have been taught from one generation to the other within those same families. They are highly skillful in this art to craft unique and excellent products with artistic, peculiar and wonderful designs. These ornaments which are made by them have the greatest reputations and recognitions across the globe since a long way back.

Chidambaram is on the Chennai-Trichy national highway. This is well connected by rail and road with Trichy, Madurai, Chennai, etc. The nearest Airport is at Trichy which is 168 km from the town.

I’d like to recommend you the readers to watch out this Youtube video footage titled as “Cholans-The Athenians of India” which will somewhat explain what the “Dravidian Civilization” means and how it’s still kept alive in that soil…! This is a video footage created by BBC.  This will give a short glimpse why and how the life of the people from this soil has spun with the word called “Chola”.

(Images & Videos courtesy-Google & Youtube)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's just Nine, not even Ten...!

I received a mail from one of my friends in which I saw these contents which reiterate the world how a brave and prestigious society should react and overcome a disastrous situation of all time. Yes, it's the Japanese. They displayed the entire human race their noble attributes while disastrous Tsunami, Earthquake and aftermath agony engulfed, attacked and devastated their soil brutally.

 I like to share with you,Guys...just to salute and bow to the people of Japan for their possession of esteemed qualities like these. The contents go like this....

Not a single visual of chest-beating or wild grief. Sorrow itself has been elevated.

Disciplined queues for water and groceries. Not a rough word or a crude gesture.

The incredible architects, for instance. Buildings swayed but didn’t fall.

People bought only what they needed for the present, so everybody could get something.

No looting in shops. No honking and no overtaking on the roads. Just understanding.

Fifty workers stayed back to pump sea water in the N-reactors. How will they ever be repaid?

Restaurants cut prices. An unguarded ATM is left alone. The strong cared for the weak.

The old and the children, everyone knew exactly what to do. And they did just that.

They showed magnificent restraint in the bulletins. No sensationalizing. Only calm reportage.

When the power went off in a store, people put things back on the shelves and left quietly.

I pray God to save these people from continuous natural disasters which keep them thrashing to lead a hell like life in Earth. Their behaviors at a crisis like this send a message across all over the World, how a matured community will face and reflect in a situation like this. I feel everything except one in the above qualities are much for humans to follow.  Yes, I disagree with item number one above as it depends on individual’s strength and ability to win over a grief situation. I didn't find anything wrong in expressing one’s feelings when it comes to human loss. If one thinks it’s okay to show happiness uncontrollably, what is the problem in expressing grieves?

"Feelings" are not the things which can always be kept under control like regulating the speed of a ceiling fan by a mechanical means. It’s to be felt…that too deeply to its maximum extent. These are the things gifted by God only to the human society…to cry and laugh…! To express one’s state of mind. These are all natural reactions of human beings. It seems the human society has not realized the evil effects caused out of controlling the order of Nature. These feelings distinguish humans from the rests. They reflect the life and love of the people. They are not like unconquerable things such as Birth and Death, they are the things which are beyond the arguments of conquering or defeating. That's why they are termed as "Feelings". We can’t behave like a ROBOT. And, We shouldn't. They display the lifestyle of a Soil, a Society.

India believes in it. Very strongly indeed. That’s why India still has its life and soul undisturbed. We just live what we are…! We just go by our customs...by giving significance to the beloved ones, whether its birth of a child on this soil or a sudden loss of a dear and near. We show our feelings extraordinarily...! That love can’t be stopped just to show the world that we are decent…! And, it shouldn't be meant like that, of course.  If one argues that it can be stopped and controlled, then its inevitable to doubt his/her love.

Anyways, rest of the things (from 2 to 10) which have nothing to deal with the way we express our love and affection over the loss of a beloved soul, are the utmost characteristics for the human society to possess. "The deeds"-every part of this world to follow. All we have to adapt ourselves those qualities to lead a meaningful life. Those qualities of the Japanese teach us-"The world” how we have to be well dignified, truthful and conscientious in our daily life.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

America- "Nuclearizing the World...?"

Undoubtedly, this world owes a lot to US which has been contributing outstandingly in uplifting the life of human society to next levels.  Large scale of immigration from different parts of the world intensifies the fact “US, A dream land to live in”.  People living in this country enjoy the best and comfort lifestyle than those living in any other parts of this world. It’s the nation which has been pioneering in Scientific Innovations and Research Developments for centuries now. It’s a country which has never shown shyness over importing the talents. It only bothers how and where it can get the best. Once found, will be wiped and stored in its Locket as precious assets.  The only country which developed a perfectly structured tactics to download the talents from all across the world and has been ripening the best benefit out of it is none other than “America”. This is one of the most significant factors for its unimaginable advancement in “Science and Technology” where others failed miserably. One can observe this from its history which explains how the migrants helped in enhancing the “Industrialization and Urbanization” that took place in the 19th century which is designated as the starting point of the developed America what we are seeing now. Migrants include the greatest scientists and inventors the world ever witnessed like “Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Wright Brothers, Henry Ford and Einstein” whose ancestral soil were different. Why US companies have their seats reserved for Indian Software Engineers? Why NASA has that much of jaw dropping percentile of Indian Scientists?  Why brightest, dynamic brains of IITs are being given a Red Carpet reception by its esteemed institutions? All of these “Whys” have only one answer none other than its admiration and nature of nurturing the talents.

As world’s leading Economic and Political power it has the capacity to align the world behind it. The unresolved issues looming the globe will be brought before it either by itself in most of the cases or by the rest in few. The world at last will surrender before America when all the doors are got blocked for them. It was very much visible recently when Japan’s dangerous leakage of nuclear radiations from its “Fukishima” plant horrifying the entire world. While continuing all utmost efforts to quench the Reactors, the Japanese government also thought of a conclusion for asking the direct support from US to prevent the leakage of radiations. That’s a different issue later Japan receded from its decision of getting America near its nuclear Plant.  This reliability on it was made by its development in Political, Economical and Technological forums in few centuries. World has now the perception that it can give a solution for which others thrived and failed to achieve. The bad part of this truth is that no other nation attempts to attain the same quality ever since America has started just boasting itself as the savior of the world.

(Click the image to have a better resolution)
But possession of all these qualities don’t lift and gift this country the supreme authority to deal with the world by anointing itself as a “Prerogative”.  All these shouldn’t mean this as a nation which is provided with the license to do anything according to its opinions and desires. The way it behaves by poking its nose in other territories pushes one sometimes to think in this perspective. Those who have been watching this nation at least for more than a decade can get a clue how and what this nation has been trying to show the world by its behaviors. It always emphasizes that it has all its rights to taste others cup of tea. Whether it’s act of boosting the tensions between India & Pakistan by supporting Pakistan indirectly or willing to uproot Tehran’s nuclear thirsts; or its act of aiding South Korea to showcase its strength to the North Korea or siding Israel on Palestine dispute, everywhere it has its footprints featured.  The negative outcomes of its acts have already displayed in front of the world by the time. "Iraq and Afghan's instability, Tehran’s dream on becoming a nuclear armed state and the emergence of North Korea as a state owning nuclear weapons" can be said as few best examples of the evil effects coming out US behaviors.

One more scapegoat almost was acquired by this superpower to establish and display its strength to the world…! Yet another flawlessly executed plot targeted on Oil resources…! On hearing the news waved on air “US leads the war against the dictator of Libya”, it appeared and reverberated like this on the minds of people who termed “Gulf War and Invasion of Iraq on 2003” by US as “Oil Imperialism”.  The intensive civil resistance later turned into a revolution which ousted its longtime ruler in Tunisia ignited the chain of unrest in North Africa and Middle East. Protests and demonstrations started to spread to the neighboring nations like Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen etc. against their respective ruling statesmen. In Libya, the development of civil unrest against corruptions, human rights violations turned into armed conflicts when the dictator confronted the resistances and protesters by his military force.  Within 48 hours of UN Security Council passing the resolution to impose forcible No-Fly zone over Benghazi”, France started attacks on the "Libyan government armours" which was later joined by Britain and US. Asian giants China and India, Russia opposed this imposition and condemned the strikes by International forces. Despite few countries opposing this act firmly, majority of nations supported and welcomed this intervention on oil rich Libya stating “An operation to protect the civilians from Gadafi’s tyranny”. European countries are very much ready to take seats in the second row by giving priority to US and its decisions. Above all the present status of “Great Britain” once ruled the world is so mocking.  US has already pulled the trigger by stimulating the “Middle East Nations” to think of becoming nuclear armed states to silence the “Pentagon”. Ultimately it looks US knowingly is going to nuclearize the entire world by its dangerous moves. 

Unevenness among the people on what they ‘think and like’, ‘believe and follow’ have been redrawing the boundaries of the Globe whenever they attempted to trespass the threshold…! Differences and disagreements which are caused out of Imbalances like the ‘World Wars’ have been keeping the population of various ethnic groups as a dynamic configuration in the world…!  Overpowering of weaker territories by dominant countries and empires on Political, Economical, Social and Cultural grounds have reshaped the world map several times.  It looks the human society haven’t still realized the evils and damages it underwent on the ground of ethnic Superior-Inferior wars and conflicts. It seems the world didn't understand yet properly the impact of inscription of words like ‘Imperialism’, ‘Colonialism’ and ‘Capitalism’ by its blunders on the pages of its history which divided the human race permanently. From the moves of few developed nations and almost all developing countries, it appears the world map is going to get its boundaries redrawn again. “United States of America”, unfortunately to play a major role in orientating the Globe in that direction.  

Whatever may be its impression across globe is…! Irrespective of world’s liking or disliking of its moves….! Like the century which just passed us away, this century will also going to be an American century…! One can’t ignore the fact that a country which is going to influence the ‘Globe’ or which will vibrate the 'Earth' by it’s every single action and reaction is none other than "America".

(Images: Courtesy-Google)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God...! Save Your Children...!
(A Prayer for Japan...!)

Oh My Lord...!
Where you've gone all these days...?
How can you leave them like this...?

Can't you hear the crying babies...?
Won't you see the lamenting Women..?
Couldn't you be pity on those buried under the wreckages stunningly..?
Won't you think of their beloved ones who suddenly turned as orphans..?
Aren't you moved by their tears and pains...?

Oh My Lord...!
Where you've gone all these days..?
How can you leave them like this...?

People of Japan are now under acute crisis; facing an ever worst shock since the second world war. Though, History has many proved examples of Japan's ability in over coming the evil things against it, the unimaginable loss due to this tragedy is a horrifying shock to the human society across the world. The toll shoots up like venom in every single hour, which just keeps the rest of the world speechless. The leakage of radiations from the Nuclear Reactors makes their situation grimmest and raises fear across the globe.  In addition to invaluable human losses, the property losses are also so huge and heart breaking. All their properties which they earned by priceless hard work through out their lifetime were washed away in a micro second in front of them. It will be beyond one's ability to think how it feels when a person becomes almost like a beggar by losing everything. It is absolutely clueless to realize how hard the feelings would be when one is forced to beg and cry for foods and daily needs by situation like this who never even imagined before in his life.

The gravity and depth of the griefs and sufferings what they are now undergoing can't be felt easily and fully by others like us by sitting and watching the devastations on the Televisions and News Papers. Yes, of course, We can understand their woes to some extent. But mere understanding and delivering words coated with condolences will not help them in getting out of this painful reality and the trauma it brought with its damages. They need our heartiest support, help  and prayers at this time of their agony. 

Any nation whatever its position in the International arena is, will need the help and attention of international community at this juncture to get recovered from a disastrous natural devastation like this. Those who wants to donate the people under a situation which can't be expressed mere by words can enter this link and follow the instructions given on it. This is a move by "Google" to help the affected people monetarily. Please be sure that your donations are not channeled to some other fake sites which are run by some merciless hearts around the globe to loot you by collecting donation in the name of Japan's earth quake.

Earth quake pulled them out of their houses to the streets, Tsunami washed them from one end to the other, Radiations finally stole their last hope and left them in an ultimate darkness. Daunting aftershocks which are in queue may pain them more. Their life is entirely thrashed like anything in just three days. Indians, we can understand the situation better than anyone else in the world what Japanese are now undergoing as we were just destroyed like anything by the Tsunami giant a few years ago. Even more worser than Japan. So, we should come forward in helping our brothers and sisters by flagging our overwhelming support in all aspects. 

Japan-The pride of Asia. Though her greatness glittered a long way back the Second World War, was witnessed when she gave tough tasks to the west who once ruled the world by colonizing every countries.  She is the one who has been constantly rendering her best inputs in modernizing this world by her talents & abilities and undoubtedly this world owes enormously to her services in uplifting human life to next stages. A pioneer in numerous fields. She is well known to the world as a real symbol of noble qualities like Diligence, Hard Work, Punctuality etc. A victor in every area where she steps into. She has been tormented and got devastated days after days, weeks after weeks, years after years by the iron fists of various forms of natural calamities like Earth quakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes etc. She has been looted by many disasters mercilessly. But she never gave up and surrendered to their nasty feet at any instances. She is the 'Phoenix Nation' who has the potential of making revolutionary revivals from the graveyard. It's sure that she will win over this crisis too and come again with her magnetic smile.

A Japanese business man lost everything in a fire yesterday. Today he has placed a sign board which says, "Everything burnt but luckily faith & confidence undamaged....Business starts Monday...!!!"

That's the quality of a Samurai....!. Even, if only a single Samurai is left in the world by this devastation, it's sure that he alone will rebuild and renovate Japan from debris to even better than what it is and was...!!

Watch out this heart breaking footage of this Tsunami...! Will definetely end you up in tears...!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

‘The Song’-Unsung after that Night…!

Walking alone on the street;
Sensing the heat of my breaths...!
With gyrating thoughts full of her memories;
Which vibrate the rhythmical heart beats…!

Nuances of silence deafening my ears,
No one is ahead and behind me; though,
Some mysterious feelings pull me back,
Some unknown factors trouble me much..!

A Street-lamp blinks a distance far away;
As if ray piercing tiny hole of an Umbrella…!
Attempting to penetrate all the obstacles;
Sliding upon me too, in search of something..!

It releases my shadow from the dark;
An abstract & Soulless Shadow..!
It reveals the fact of emptiness in me;
A Concrete & Soulless Me..!

Walking on the same unforgettable gifted street; where,
Once spent heavenly moments with her on that undying night;
On the land which swallowed her footprints;
On the ambiance which touched my angel...!

Wondering how she became a dream with in a wink;
Who only can save me from this devastation..!
Wandering in search of her proximity;
On the soil blessed to keep her smiles and chats..!

I’m still yearning her coming back;
To get rediscovered my identity..!
To get anointed my bereaved soul..!
To get uncovered the secret-why she threw our love..!

I’m still waiting ahead of her;
With the breeze that hugs the leaves,
With the silence that rolls the dark,
With the song-ever unsung after that night..!