Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amidst Dead Silence...!!!

Eyes don't like to blink..
Breathing seems a burden..
Heart beats as if uncalled for..
Soul thrives to get lost...

All were once beyond my attention;
Naturally, never need any permission.
All seem cruelly paining nowadays;
Appear to me a needless taste.

Roses don't attract me to it anymore;
Mild breeze breaks my bones;
Rain clots flowing blood;
Nature doesn't enchant my soul these days.

How strange things replaced my joyous life?
What's happening to me nowadays?
Where this hell hide in me all the way?
Can't it be quenched all at once?

But, I was not what I am now..
Truly till just few days ago...
Life had a different tone of love..
With jubilant moments always to have..

Jingling with the chirps of birds,
Mingling with the rays of Sun,
Tumbling into the chilling Moon,
Willing to conquer my own world...!

Who stole my moments without a sign?
Who took my things a light year away? 
How this luxurious hall looks like a poultry farm;
Where I am sickened alone staring the sealing?

Minutes I chased once are rushing me now;
Sleep never hugs me when I wish to;
Once dreams occupied my sleep; 
Now to get asleep itself is a dream...!

Who made me to sway on this edge?
Is it the so called 'Loneliness'?
Amidst dead silence around me..
Mind struggles in a high turbulence...!