Wednesday, March 16, 2011

God...! Save Your Children...!
(A Prayer for Japan...!)

Oh My Lord...!
Where you've gone all these days...?
How can you leave them like this...?

Can't you hear the crying babies...?
Won't you see the lamenting Women..?
Couldn't you be pity on those buried under the wreckages stunningly..?
Won't you think of their beloved ones who suddenly turned as orphans..?
Aren't you moved by their tears and pains...?

Oh My Lord...!
Where you've gone all these days..?
How can you leave them like this...?

People of Japan are now under acute crisis; facing an ever worst shock since the second world war. Though, History has many proved examples of Japan's ability in over coming the evil things against it, the unimaginable loss due to this tragedy is a horrifying shock to the human society across the world. The toll shoots up like venom in every single hour, which just keeps the rest of the world speechless. The leakage of radiations from the Nuclear Reactors makes their situation grimmest and raises fear across the globe.  In addition to invaluable human losses, the property losses are also so huge and heart breaking. All their properties which they earned by priceless hard work through out their lifetime were washed away in a micro second in front of them. It will be beyond one's ability to think how it feels when a person becomes almost like a beggar by losing everything. It is absolutely clueless to realize how hard the feelings would be when one is forced to beg and cry for foods and daily needs by situation like this who never even imagined before in his life.

The gravity and depth of the griefs and sufferings what they are now undergoing can't be felt easily and fully by others like us by sitting and watching the devastations on the Televisions and News Papers. Yes, of course, We can understand their woes to some extent. But mere understanding and delivering words coated with condolences will not help them in getting out of this painful reality and the trauma it brought with its damages. They need our heartiest support, help  and prayers at this time of their agony. 

Any nation whatever its position in the International arena is, will need the help and attention of international community at this juncture to get recovered from a disastrous natural devastation like this. Those who wants to donate the people under a situation which can't be expressed mere by words can enter this link and follow the instructions given on it. This is a move by "Google" to help the affected people monetarily. Please be sure that your donations are not channeled to some other fake sites which are run by some merciless hearts around the globe to loot you by collecting donation in the name of Japan's earth quake.

Earth quake pulled them out of their houses to the streets, Tsunami washed them from one end to the other, Radiations finally stole their last hope and left them in an ultimate darkness. Daunting aftershocks which are in queue may pain them more. Their life is entirely thrashed like anything in just three days. Indians, we can understand the situation better than anyone else in the world what Japanese are now undergoing as we were just destroyed like anything by the Tsunami giant a few years ago. Even more worser than Japan. So, we should come forward in helping our brothers and sisters by flagging our overwhelming support in all aspects. 

Japan-The pride of Asia. Though her greatness glittered a long way back the Second World War, was witnessed when she gave tough tasks to the west who once ruled the world by colonizing every countries.  She is the one who has been constantly rendering her best inputs in modernizing this world by her talents & abilities and undoubtedly this world owes enormously to her services in uplifting human life to next stages. A pioneer in numerous fields. She is well known to the world as a real symbol of noble qualities like Diligence, Hard Work, Punctuality etc. A victor in every area where she steps into. She has been tormented and got devastated days after days, weeks after weeks, years after years by the iron fists of various forms of natural calamities like Earth quakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes etc. She has been looted by many disasters mercilessly. But she never gave up and surrendered to their nasty feet at any instances. She is the 'Phoenix Nation' who has the potential of making revolutionary revivals from the graveyard. It's sure that she will win over this crisis too and come again with her magnetic smile.

A Japanese business man lost everything in a fire yesterday. Today he has placed a sign board which says, "Everything burnt but luckily faith & confidence undamaged....Business starts Monday...!!!"

That's the quality of a Samurai....!. Even, if only a single Samurai is left in the world by this devastation, it's sure that he alone will rebuild and renovate Japan from debris to even better than what it is and was...!!

Watch out this heart breaking footage of this Tsunami...! Will definetely end you up in tears...!!