Friday, December 31, 2010

Let her blossom...!

Let her blossom fragrantly...
Let her breeze gloriously...
She is very near at our door;
A few steps away to adore.

Hands full of unanswered riddles;
With the codes to uncover the secrets.
Has bliss and spills to decor our moments,
Nothing can muse without  her glimpses.

Few journeys we have thorny rays and waves;
Keep on lashing us sourness always;
Feeling screwed and tired all the way;
Like an innocent soul thrashed to sway. 

But, never a life has only flowers;
Time has keys to heal all pains;
Let's pray her with peace of mind;
Just to bless us-'Her infants' with so kind.

Hope those phases freeze out here;
Hope all confinements sever for sure;
May some disappointments still with us;
Hope she gives strength to kill those odds.

Let her come and regulate us...
Let her administer our routes and ways...
She is very near at our door;
A few steps away to adore.

Welcome 2011...!
Thanks and bye bye 2010...!

Wish you all a very wonderful, prosperous new year...!
With full of love and affection..!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wax Museum in Seoul- "Really Amazing...!"

63 Building-One of the tallest sky scrapers and major landmarks in Seoul, South Korea of 249m height is located on Yeouido island facing the methodical flow of beautiful River Hans. It has been offering variety of  wonderful things to visitors from all over the world since 1985 when it was completed and stood as a symbol of infrastructure boom in Korea. We got down at 'Saetgang' subway station in Line No.9 and came out through Exit-3 as the building is at just a ten  minutes of walkable distance from the station.

A day in the early autumn of Seoul is always incomparable. That day too a typical one which entirely offered a fascinated colorful ambiance and fragrances to enjoy and cherish the moments all along the way to the building.

On the route to 63-Building  we were attracted by the beauty of Sister Park or Ankara Park which welcomes the visitors with its diversified vivid trees, flowers and plants. This park was opened in 1977 in commemorating sister relationship between Korea and Turkey which the later stood and provided army support to South Korea during the 'Korean War'. There, one can also lost to the elegant and much artistically constructed traditional 'Turkey Vineyard House' in the park. It is stated that the house is decorated by various folk articles of Turkey inside.

From Sister Park, after just a few minutes of stroll we were in front of neck breaking tall 63-Tower which stands as if it tears and pierces the Sky. The inside world of this building with its enormous enthusiasms and jubilant & vibrant visitors is entirely different from what one sees outside which is very quiet and least crowded. The building  presents wide range of attractions and entertainments like Wax Museum, Sea World, Sky Deck- Golden Tower observatory, Korea's Largest I-Max theater, as well as various specialty restaurants serving Chinese, Japanese, Korean dishes on many floors. As it's name this tall building has 63 stories/ floors out of which 60 floors are above ground and 3 floors are underground. The observatory deck is located at the top of this building at 60th floor.

63-Wax Museum hall has its elegant beauty with  it's spectacular glowing lights and ambiance inside. This not only holds the pride of having the wax figures of world's Greatest Leaders, Scientists, Painters, Musicians, Artists, Celebrities, famous Hollywood Characters and  Sport stars but also showcases larger portraits of greatest personalities which the world produced till. The waxes are depicted graciously that resembles as if you are standing besides those greatest personalities of the world who once ruled the world by their special, noble attributes and principles. As many as 70 wax sculptures including Mahatma Gandhi, Mao, Che, Einstein, Edison, Picasso, Van Gogh, Beethoven, MJ, Elvis Presley, Madamme Tussaud, Beckham, Tiger Woods etc., adore the Museum hall to enchant the visitors.

The 'Chamber of Horror' displays the figures of monstrous, horrifying Dracula, Wolf-man, Frankeinstein  etc. The master piece among all wax figures according to me and the visitors from all across the world is "The last Supper" which was made in a grand manner and so natural as if that Supper is going on in front of us. This Musuem hall would provide an exciting and delightful experience which will never fall out of one's memory. One would love & yearn to revisit again immediately at the exit itself as i wished while moving out of the hall. Later at my residence while I was rushing the images which I shot inside museum, the wax figures which I stood besides them amazed me literally as they looked like live characters.

63-Sea World  is an aquarium in this Building which stands as a large one in Seoul and stated as visited by 1,000,000 tourists from all over the world every year. It exhibits a number of species and submarine organisms . The height of all attractions in sea world is 'Cute Penguins', 'Seal show' and 'Female divers show'. It's a must visited zone especially for children to explore the rare and various Sea Species.

As like the observatory in 'Nam Seoul Tower' which reveals the panoramic view of entire Seoul City, the observatory '63-Sky Deck' located at top most floor of this building also provides the beautiful view of entire city from the banks of 'River Hans'.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Seoul Tower"-A must see in Seoul..!

Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower or N Seoul Tower” (N stands for ‘New’ as it is recently renovated/ remodeled and renamed) is located in center of Seoul on 'Mt Namsan' which is a 262 m peak mountain. This Seoul tower which measures 236.7m height is located at top & center of this Mountain 'Namsan'. This is of course a famous landmark as both major tourist attraction and space for Korean cultural displays. It’s providing various forms of enjoyable moments to spend like Hiking, experiencing 'Cultural Exhibitions & Programs, capturing panoramic view through 'Digital and Analog Observatories', relaxing at 'Media zone' and also as a best place to hang out for the weekends too.

It was a  breezy, bright day of Autumn season to start with. We got down at 'Myeongdong' station in Subway line-4 and reached the Cable car platform which is at ten minutes of walking distance from Exit-3. There are two options for getting to Seoul tower; either by walk or by taking Bus or Cable car. We preferred to hike for the upward journey and take Cable car for the downward journey.

The tower is located over a vast terrace at the top of the mountain where Cable Car platform, Pavilion-a Korean architectural hut like hall to hang out with, Tower plaza and 'Beacons-Lighthouses' are located. The story inscribed on the Stone at the entrance of the terrace says that these Beacons were used to lit the lights to alert Korean people about invasion of enemies during olden historical days.

Luckily on our day of visit, we had an opportunity to watch a “Korean Martial Art” performance which was held on the terrace of the tower Plaza. Visitors largely gathered around the gallery were literally amazed by the show. The icing on the cake was the enthusiastic act of 'Show organizers & Performers' who invited and involved few visitors also on their show as participants, which made the show much more lively.

The tower plaza has Ticket Reservation Center, Photo Zone, Souvenir Shop, Food Court, Café Shop, a Korean Restaurant and Media Zone where films and music videos are shown. It has two cultural halls called Pavilion A and B which are spacious halls dedicated for cultural exhibitions and performances. 


From reservation centre we reached the elevator lobby and boarded the elevator which landed us on T3 floor-‘Digital Observatory’ which is equipped with high-powered telescopes offering a 360 degree view of the Seoul city. It gives a complete view of Seoul city. The view of Hans River which bisects the city, the closely embedded Sky scrapers of Seoul, Green and colorful ‘Namsan’ due to the starting of autumn, grand view of Seoul surrounded by Mountains will always flash in our memory while remembering this trip. 


There are four observation decks T1(T-Tower), T2, T3 and T5 respectively from bottom to top in the tower. Above this T3 deck is the top floor where the revolving restaurant ‘N Grill’ is located. It’s stated that the restaurant revolves and completes a 360 degree for every 48 minutes. To enjoy the revolving experience and ambiance one has to have prior reservation.

Below T3 floor is T2 which is also having the same window panel views but without digital high- powered telescopes. This floor has Snack Area, Sky Rest Rooms for relaxations. The Seoul city major destinations, landmarks and markets are indicated by a small red circle on the transparent window panels which is also termed as ‘Window guide’ to view those destinations by focusing on its's centre.  Many visitors, like me, immersed in viewing the landmarks through the window. I viewed ‘Dongdaemun’ the old grand market through the red circle marked on the window panel as I have recently visited and got my heart lost to its versatility. The T2 deck is also having a Souvenir Shop and platform for boarding Down Elevator. The most popular things available in this Souvenir shop are ‘N Seoul Tower key chains’, ‘N Seoul Tower & Cable car motif’ and ‘Postcards’ to cherish Seoul tower memory. Visitors write their names, quotes, thoughts on the cards, place on a wall dedicated for sticking it and take photographs by standing in front of it. Below this floor is T1 where a Korean restaurant is located.

After spending some three hours on the observatory decks we came down to the Plaza. At immediate to the exit there are series of “Love Lock trees”. Visitors from all over the world locked like love birds around these metal trees in love enjoying their moments and taking snaps of their romancing, cuddling, kissing there.

As planned we boarded the cable car for our downward journey from Seoul tower which took only few minutes to reach the entrance. Despite the car was fully packed and the windows were occupied by the visitors who boarded before us, it gave a pleasant feeling like flying. I took some good snaps too.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

International Fireworks Festival-Seoul 2010

Spectacular-Light Show..!
Very few things have the caliber to create certain enthralling moments which can enchant and captivate the people by their grandeur. Spectacular 'Fireworks show' is one amongst those. I got a chance to experience one of the finest and wonderful ‘International Fireworks Shows’ held on Oct’10 of this 2010 at Seoul which has been celebrated by ‘Koreans’ to welcome the autumn season. It was boasted as the continuous 8th year celebration.

The unusual crowd on the subway journey, for a say, was not less than to a peak hour journey of ‘Mumbai Locals’, pushed ‘Korean railway officials’ to stop operating Elevators which  are at immediate to the platforms to avoid any mishaps. It seemed entire Seoul assembled to have the awe-inspiring experience which held alongside the bank of Han river. As this show is much popular across the globe, there was no wonder to have witnessed the thronging, huge gathering of foreigners from all over the world to enjoy the fascinating event on sky and the beginning of Seoul autumn. Entire vicinity of the ‘Citizen Park’ was decorated with luminous lights especially the nearby bridges on the River, Sky scrapers, Sailing boats and trees were blinking and glowing extraordinarily. The park has no space for one to make a move as it was flooded with viewers. Many Spectators, Professionals, and Amateur Photographers from various parts of the world gathered and resorted themselves to much comfortable places where they could shot the blazing and sparkling lights at the night.

The splendid, colorful and magical ‘Multimedia & Digital Technology’ based show on gloomy backdrop was simultaneously widening spectator’s eyes and dropping their jaws. The show never allowed the spectators to take away their eyes even for a short while from the show. Variety of multi colored fireworks amused the viewers by continuously painting various shapes and designs on the hollow sky on all directions. Crowd could have felt tired & failed in searching terms to express and rejoice the blissful context came out of that mesmerizing, colorful painting on the wall of dark sky.

We had no other option but to irresistibly say

The euphoria was never faced a halt through out the show of bright magical gleams of fiery streaks. Intermittent 'Light shows' and 'Rocking musicals' played on background kept up and made ensured the steadiness of momentum. Everyone was seized and enthralled by the colorful glory for almost three hours which feasted their eyes, minds and hearts.

After the three hours of a fantastic show, the crowd started to disperse  from ‘Citizen Park’ fully loaded with vibrations it induced on them. The youthful ‘Railway and Road Traffic  Police team’ brilliantly managed the crowd to have a smooth return journey; especially, their strategy of first completely evacuating the respective nearby Subway stations by closing the entry at all its exits & allowing the crowds gradually after ensuring the emptiness of Stations. Though that strategy cost a little delay in reaching residence but it paved a hapless return journey.

Here I annexed a short video footage of “Fireworks Show” on that day made by me for you.

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