Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Rainy Days…!

It’s raining outside, here in Seoul…!

Started as tiny droplets…! Slowly, slowly gets intensified…! Now seems it’s going to be a showering heavy down pour…! While I was standing on the corridor I saw two Arabians watching the rain elatedly…! They said, “In Arabia, we never experience such moments there since it’s geographically a desert nation…!” and moved ahead to their work stations. Came back within few minutes, they said, “We are gonna enjoy until it stops”.

No wonder. Mountains, Elephants, Water Falls, Rain, Lawns, Breeze…….who won’t like all these in this beautiful world! But, Rain which makes everything lush is always so special among all. It has been viewed at different angles all the way in my life.

It’s raining out here…!
Rain was my dearest friend during my childhood days even though I’d my unlimited aversions on her associates like Muddy Pits, monstrous dirty Mosquitoes, creeping Millipedes & Leeches, disgusting Mushrooms, tormenting Power Failures which usually she carries along with herself. Despite these associates on which I still have repugnance over them, there are plenty of wonderful reasons to admire this beautiful natural phenomenon. But I loved the Rains of my School Days not for those wonderful reasons, instead for the favors they did to me, remarkably, favoring me in not doing the Homework (thanks to all those Power Failures), relaxing me from wearing Shoes, awarding half-days quite often, wiping out the fate of standing on hour-long prayers, facing no questions on late arrivals.

Well, when it comes to Shoes, I hated because of that Ogre called “Woolen Socks”. Later in my teen days I used to revenge my enemies who were always smarter in overtaking me in the race of getting the attentions of the now “Aunties” then “Beauties” of my school. I retaliated them by mentioning this fellow’s noble trait J on their desks which is “At times you feel you got dejected, thrashed, tired, bored by the teachers, fucked off by the Assignments, fed up by the competitions in getting a girl friend, messed up with the viva-voce……, go back to your home, just unknot the shoes, remove your socks, take it as close as possible to your nose and smell it gently & feel the eternal bliss, buddy…!”

Like all normal children, I also fell on frequent 2 minutes Coughs; 3 minutes Fevers & 4 minutes Headaches at the peak hours of preparation to go school on rainy days. Same way, like all Fathers in the world, my dad also mercilessly dragged me to the school by saying “Don’t create much scene baby; I’m your father…!” He never cared my words of “If I were you I’ll not treat my son heartlessly like this…!” by countering me with his, “I’m not quite impressed by your drama, kid”.  Though a good ranking student all over my academic career, my parents got so tired and disturbed whenever reports reached them that their kid maintained his Books & Notebooks so badly. When they asked me the reasons I didn’t dare to say that I turned them all into beautiful boats, i.e. from a state of non-moving, useless papers to independent, dynamic stuffs! Throughout my School days, Rainy days were most of the times much helpful and close to my heart than my parents and brothers as they protected me from the evils like Homework, Impositions, and Weekly Tests etc. 

It’s pouring down heavily now…!
Things were entirely different in my phase of College. It’s my opinion that in our country at least as far as boys are concerned parents have either least or very least worries when it comes to their academic performance. And, it’s because they believe a guy will realize and manage at any point of time sooner or later. This liberty gifts them the ‘College Days’ as a better time really to live like the way they wish. And, at this stage it’s damn sure that one’s dad won’t decide when his son to attend the class and bunk as well. J

In contrast to my School days Rains were seen and loved for many things during this phase. Yes, I had a meaningful affection which dissolved me completely into her. With just a cup of hot Coffee and crispy Snacks (thanks Mom..!), I always got my mood overwhelmingly elevated on

“Watching these shiny droplets through the window;
Feeling the magic done by the mild breezy drizzles;
Smelling the fragrances she releases while touching the soil;
Hearing the rhythmical drum notes as she thunders;
Shrinking the eyes while she lights the world,
And, widening the same when she paints the green lands greener”.

Those were the golden rainy moments well imbibed through my eyes and stored for ever in my gallery of memories. Also, it’s my unaltered thought that the time when Sky starts romancing the Earth is the best time to get hidden under the blanket by enjoying Ilayaraja’s undying tracks of 80s. Those were the days when I had my opinion that holding an Umbrella while raining is strictly foolishness. A sheer foolishness…! 

It’s still raining out here….!
Today I’m floating on the stage of my Professional Life. My Boss used to say, “The phase of ‘Completeness’ in a man usually starts from his Professional Journey". Yes, He is absolutely right but the sad part of it is “Complete in Incompleteness”. Yes, Life is now completely incomplete…! J 

I asked my Boss, “Boss, How would you feel while it rains…?”
What…? Rain…? No point wasting time in watching such silly things…! By the by, when will you finish the task? You were supposed to send that a week ago, weren’t you?
“Yeah, will do it now”, I replied irritatingly.
“Boss, what you think of the rates of accidents in Seoul?”
 It’s quite low, you see…! But, Could you let me understand how this question will help you in sending that document to me?
Oh, yeah! It’ll not help me in sending the document but may cause some delays to you in reviewing that.
“By the by in India the accident rates are high, we young Engineers have ample of chances to visit hospitals often to convey Best Regards and Get Well Soon cards to our seniors”. It was ecstatic to see his eyes got widened…!

Ok! Guys, I need to jump in to the heaps of documents which are awaiting my turn…! Just a part of my damn donkey job as it deals a lot with 'Papers' J. What they say is an undisputed fact, “What you sow so shall you reap”. It doesn’t matter whether you commit a mistake or not, what matters is which mistake you choose? I chose mine as “Engineering”. For that mistake of four years, I’ve been punished Lifetime J. If I find the bloody who invented all these words Education, Engineering, Examination, Interview, Job, Boss, Schedule, Project, Quality Management, this, that etc….etc…..will definitely curse him to become an “Engineer”.  Just go to hell, you Satan…!

Staring at my monitor, I’m just filling the excel datasheet by remembering my boss’s statement of  “It's no point wasting time in watching such silly things…!” It’s still raining out here.  Nature never fails in performing her duties. It’s only me who has changed bit a lot.

It’s still raining out here…!

(Images: Courtesy-Google)