Monday, February 21, 2011

‘The Song’-Unsung after that Night…!

Walking alone on the street;
Sensing the heat of my breaths...!
With gyrating thoughts full of her memories;
Which vibrate the rhythmical heart beats…!

Nuances of silence deafening my ears,
No one is ahead and behind me; though,
Some mysterious feelings pull me back,
Some unknown factors trouble me much..!

A Street-lamp blinks a distance far away;
As if ray piercing tiny hole of an Umbrella…!
Attempting to penetrate all the obstacles;
Sliding upon me too, in search of something..!

It releases my shadow from the dark;
An abstract & Soulless Shadow..!
It reveals the fact of emptiness in me;
A Concrete & Soulless Me..!

Walking on the same unforgettable gifted street; where,
Once spent heavenly moments with her on that undying night;
On the land which swallowed her footprints;
On the ambiance which touched my angel...!

Wondering how she became a dream with in a wink;
Who only can save me from this devastation..!
Wandering in search of her proximity;
On the soil blessed to keep her smiles and chats..!

I’m still yearning her coming back;
To get rediscovered my identity..!
To get anointed my bereaved soul..!
To get uncovered the secret-why she threw our love..!

I’m still waiting ahead of her;
With the breeze that hugs the leaves,
With the silence that rolls the dark,
With the song-ever unsung after that night..!