Sunday, November 14, 2010

International Fireworks Festival-Seoul 2010

Spectacular-Light Show..!
Very few things have the caliber to create certain enthralling moments which can enchant and captivate the people by their grandeur. Spectacular 'Fireworks show' is one amongst those. I got a chance to experience one of the finest and wonderful ‘International Fireworks Shows’ held on Oct’10 of this 2010 at Seoul which has been celebrated by ‘Koreans’ to welcome the autumn season. It was boasted as the continuous 8th year celebration.

The unusual crowd on the subway journey, for a say, was not less than to a peak hour journey of ‘Mumbai Locals’, pushed ‘Korean railway officials’ to stop operating Elevators which  are at immediate to the platforms to avoid any mishaps. It seemed entire Seoul assembled to have the awe-inspiring experience which held alongside the bank of Han river. As this show is much popular across the globe, there was no wonder to have witnessed the thronging, huge gathering of foreigners from all over the world to enjoy the fascinating event on sky and the beginning of Seoul autumn. Entire vicinity of the ‘Citizen Park’ was decorated with luminous lights especially the nearby bridges on the River, Sky scrapers, Sailing boats and trees were blinking and glowing extraordinarily. The park has no space for one to make a move as it was flooded with viewers. Many Spectators, Professionals, and Amateur Photographers from various parts of the world gathered and resorted themselves to much comfortable places where they could shot the blazing and sparkling lights at the night.

The splendid, colorful and magical ‘Multimedia & Digital Technology’ based show on gloomy backdrop was simultaneously widening spectator’s eyes and dropping their jaws. The show never allowed the spectators to take away their eyes even for a short while from the show. Variety of multi colored fireworks amused the viewers by continuously painting various shapes and designs on the hollow sky on all directions. Crowd could have felt tired & failed in searching terms to express and rejoice the blissful context came out of that mesmerizing, colorful painting on the wall of dark sky.

We had no other option but to irresistibly say

The euphoria was never faced a halt through out the show of bright magical gleams of fiery streaks. Intermittent 'Light shows' and 'Rocking musicals' played on background kept up and made ensured the steadiness of momentum. Everyone was seized and enthralled by the colorful glory for almost three hours which feasted their eyes, minds and hearts.

After the three hours of a fantastic show, the crowd started to disperse  from ‘Citizen Park’ fully loaded with vibrations it induced on them. The youthful ‘Railway and Road Traffic  Police team’ brilliantly managed the crowd to have a smooth return journey; especially, their strategy of first completely evacuating the respective nearby Subway stations by closing the entry at all its exits & allowing the crowds gradually after ensuring the emptiness of Stations. Though that strategy cost a little delay in reaching residence but it paved a hapless return journey.

Here I annexed a short video footage of “Fireworks Show” on that day made by me for you.

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  1. Nice one..I missed i think so , u forgot to bought me , i will kill u satish time...:)

  2. Thanks a ton for your visit and valuable comment Sushanta. It was really a flamboyant show.