Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yes! It's there always in the minds of Scholars and Philosphers; the aspirations to kindle the bottom most part of truth where it lies the answers for numerous unknown or not willing to know things.

Each and every generation has its own explorers who enjoy, struggle, strive, die to establish the truth behind the very riddled aspects of human being. A typical generation has its researchers and Analysts can be categorised as

Some (just to identify them, 'll term as "The Starters") boast on their results after conducting own experiments and declared their findings as conclusions, as these experiments and results are based on the resources, lifestyles, cultures and prevailing customs which predominantly occupy the entire society assosciated with them. But these conclusions will not be understood or not accepted by the same generation as they will feel difficult at thier phase to get it digested irrespective of existence of facts in the conclusions.

Some (The Protestors) totally disgree with their ancestoral views and start a new scheme and proceed with the same way as the above niche but on different grounds and Experiments. Those who are mesmerised by these theories due to "The Starters conclusions" disgusting them, strictly follow the alternate views actually and mainly to show their protest against "The Starters".

Some (The Inheritors) start from their ancestoral statements and informations and try to go beyond by putting their views which actually is perfect blend of a race having elevated difference in their resources, lifestyles, cultures and prevailing customs. But these conclusions in many times fail to impress the society for a long period as results of one generation is getting amorphed with other, but it attracts a specific class of people like others do.

Some (Short-livers) try to dig it out through simple phenomena of putting WHY-WHY analysis to find the root cause until they got tired, these will adopt many sayings and quotes from all the above paths. Due to lack of its originality these things also do least agitations among minds and hearts of basic elements of the society and rarely overstep beyond one generation.

Some (The Gamers) attempt but get tired before they reach the outer crest.

Many (The Audiences) don't bother about any of these things (ie. attempting on their own calibre restricted by themselves) by simply saying "Is life that much difficult as you feel?". But they are the one who are responsible for repercussions after the declaration of the Conclusions.

I don't know where I am among the above categories and am sure that I will not be the one belonging to Class "Many". With that hope, I am entering this blog world to explore and discover myself to get a clue on what category I am actually made by my attributes and Principles.

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