Sunday, August 15, 2010

For The First Time!!!! (Part-1)

It was a shock to me. Literally I took a very long time to dry out myself from that aghast. Still whenever I think of that day’s incidents I used to experience all sort of feelings like happiness, disappointment, confused, fear & so on.

I just want to share the story of a day-not even a day, precisely just 4-5 hours of incidents I and Ryan (name changed)  faced. I have no intention to hurt anyone across the boundaries especially my “Kerala and Keralites” as the incidents which I am going to narrate has somewhat linked with a Family belonging to “Kerala” settled for past 20years in “Gurgaon-The Millennium City of India”.

In fact I admire “Kerala” and my fellow “Keralites” for many things like their rhyming Language, Beautiful girls with sandal streak on their forehead, Challenging the other parts of country by achieving almost 100% literacy where 30-40% is still a dream in many of the other states of our country.

It happened somewhere in the mid of March’10, on a weekend specifically I think on a Saturday. I was just alone in my flat as my room partner had gone “Sharjah”-an official visit.

Rightly saying I hung over with my laptop after had my Lunch. It wasn’t a very enthusiastic weekend & I was just pushing my time like anything as well. I even hadn’t had good enough sleep on previous night as it is my regular habit of celebrating my beginning of every weekend by sleepless Friday night; surely it’s in everyone’s case in bachelor phase of life.

One can understand the height of torturous frustration due to loneliness during my weekends that I spent without speaking a word even. That day too was disgusting & it was just a minute ago Ryan’s call that I realized I haven’t spoken for the entire day. It was just three past twenty minutes when I received his call.

So sub-consciously I was ready for engaging in any sudden plan of outing which may get fixed soon. But I was feeling too laze to get ready due to pre-requisite things like bathing, transit, above all returning back to my flat after 9.00 pm etc…etc…! Still I was willing to move out.

After saw his name in my Handset display, I was delighted and pressed the button to accept the call like a wild beast got a chunky goat to eat after several month of starve; I laughed myself and jubilated.

I can say it was one of the happiest moments of those days. But that happiness was not extended for a long term.

In fact Ryan’s calls normally do not have any preface or postscript but it will have some instructions to follow, that also would directly be conveyed to the person on the other side.

On that day too, I was instructed to start my move to Sector-14, Gurgaon without any formal wishes and communication. It would be a harsh discussion with Ryan for his instruction without any formal wishes if it was some other day and especially when I was not felt the loneliness. Due to my loneliness; I think to term it correctly, I should say –As I felt my loneliness on that Saturday I was not interested in asking him about the introductions and explanations for his Instruction.

But I really dislike the persons, who usually come to the point of discussion quickly without formal wishes like,
Hi! Buddy!
What are you up to?
Have you finished your lunch? Bla..! bla…! bla…!, during conversations.
Also degree of disliking will turn into abusing words if the person on other side with whom I’m talking has called me after a very long gap.
I believe strongly that these sorts of least valued formalities keep our life moving with good attachments and relations with our links.

On these days I thought that they-my friends have started smelling me as a lazy chap; so to make them feel that the thought they have about me is other way round, I planned to start moving quickly. Yeah! I myself too realized many times that my laziness sounds during my weekends loudly.

Meanwhile I was called by Ryan thrice and was urged to reach before 4.30 pm on that day.

I got ready, locked and got down from my flat. While walking down on the street I was alarmed by my sixth sense about my locking the flat. Even though I was conscious about my locking the door, I didn’t have enough faith on myself. So I went back to my room to attend the call of sixth sense.

This is also an usual one that whenever I am in a hurry, I would be intimated by my sixth sense to get ensured my locking the door, but on half of my way most of the times; which, sucks me really. Due to some lessons learnt in past (that's a separate story-will spare in some other occasions) I normally agree with my sixth sense and climb up the stairs to get ensured. It was typical on that day too.

But I know it can be done in a single shot i.e., at the first move itself to avoid all these post ensuring activities. In my case it depends on the significance and my sincerity over the plan or program which makes me mad to be hurry.

Nevertheless, I still attempt to behave normal for any kind of situations to avoid repetitions in my life.

Once I started my move for the second time from my flat, I was stopped by “Yahoo”- a little girl of my neighbor who was a best friend of mine there on those Delhi days. I just pat on her back as she was kidding by not allowing me getting down.

She is a poor girl not having any companion of her age to play- I mean to say, “This type of apartment life nowadays poisonously pick out our children’s capacity of playing”. This paves way to energy starvation of our growing children which ultimately deprive our future generation’s life expectancy.

In Yahoo’s case, I many a time thought of advising my neighbor uncle, a central government employee to give her a sister or brother baby to vanish her idleness. Some months later my thought became true without being shared with uncle as Yahoo’s mother was pregnant.

I was waiting at the “Munirka” bus stop near “Agarwal sweets” to get route number 764 to reach “Palam” bent. I would always chose this route to reach “Gurgaon” rather than through ‘Dhaula kuan”.

After a wait of around 15 minutes I got into a blue line bus which runs between “Nehru Place” and “Najafgarh”.

Here in Delhi some of the routes are leased for certain years to private carriers. Delhi is having four main transit services as far as roadway is concerned, excluding auto services.

1) DTC- Delhi Transport Corporation-The yellow line, Low floor Green, Low floor Red.
2) Private Transport- Authorized by Delhi government-The blue line
3) RTV-Rapid Transit Vehicles for shorter distances.
4) Private Cabs- Un-authorized carriers (but not to worry about authorizations in India)

I even at the time of transit haven’t thought of Ryan’s call and intention. I just stood and stared unintentionally & unknowingly the dirty seat covers of the Blue line. These Blue line services at any route maintain their buses very dirty and the Drivers and Conductors always look very awkward as they least bother about their cleanliness itself.

I was traveling to “Palam” bent which is some sixth or seventh stop from  this “Munirka” without any idea about the thing which is going to happen in my life for the first time in a very near future.

(Will continue-Sathish)

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