Sunday, August 22, 2010

For The First Time!!!! (Part-2)

“Paalam Bent” is the entrance of Delhi-Jaipur Express Highway from Delhi.
This route number 764 is always busy throughout the year between initial and final destinations from “Nehru Place to Najafgarh”. Luckily on that day I got a chance to stand and travel without much hassles.

Ryan called again at 4:30 pm while I got down at the stop. I was raged this time and thought of skipping the call, but changed my mind and attended his call.

“Where are you?” he asked me.
“Hey! I reached “IFFCO chowk”, will reach out there within 10 minutes”, I lied. Nothing would happen if I would have said the truth. Still I lied. I don’t know why I do some things, sometime. I never dug for reasons also.

My father uses to say the world has every answer to your every question. If one tries to dig out, he will definitely stop somewhere, where the riddle is released. But it depends on one’s necessity to do; to explore.

“You rhyme the same from 3.30 onwards” he kidded me.

“Be quick we have no time at all”, he urged me.

Ok, I said and disconnected the line-got irritated by his urgency.

“All because of your loneliness”, I cursed myself.

I was still waiting for a Cab or DTC bus to reach IFFCO which normally takes 15-20 minutes from “Palam bent”. I really like the very short term journey from this bent to IFFCO as it’s through India’s best route so far I have seen. Many a time I preferred cabs to DTC as many of the cabs are Air conditioned. Though that was in the middle of March; which is normally not that much hotter even, I was standing there to get a cab. I got one after waiting for few minutes & very fortunately it was Air conditioned too.

This journey covers some of Giant Hotels in Delhi, Glittering Shopping Malls including Asia’s one of the biggest, Delhi-Haryana Toll Plaza and major MNC’s corporate offices. The transit at night will be much pleasant than one during daytime. Finally after a fine 15 minutes I landed at IFFCO-a big junction point which diverts the traffic to Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan and viceversa.
I crossed the road and waited for an RTV alias “Pat-Pat gaadi”-a three wheeler which usually looks bigger in size than Autos and can accommodate comfortably 10 people. Through Bata chowk I finally reached Sector-14 main gate.

It was 5.10 pm when I reached Ryan’s apartment. Ryan smiled at me was standing outside his flat.

“Lazy, took 2 hours to reach here from Munirka??” he said.

“I immediately started from my room when I received your call first time itself, certainly it will take time as I have to hitchhike three modes of vehicles”, I replied

“Just wait a while I will take bath and we’ll start move then”, he giggled.

“You Idiot, then why you forced me like anything without being ready?” I raged over him.

He didn’t even listen to my words and showed any seriousness over my angry. Its better not to kindle much as he will never care for anything, I said to myself.

“What is the plan now?” I asked him.

“I will definitely tell you, just wait a moment”, He said and went to take bath.

I was not irritated as me too need some rest; after that hitchhike I was also not in a mood to start immediately again.

This is 974, Sector-14, where my very much enjoyed, entertained Delhi days started. During my initial days in Delhi I used to visit Sector-14 every week ends. Those moments with Mahi, Ram, Ryan, Jay are still green in my memories. Especially the time spent with Ryan and other friends always remarkable.

They were stayed there for more than 4 years. I started masticating my past days here in Gurgaon; which was disturbed by the sound of Ryan’s electrical air dryer. He reached the hall where I sat and asked me, “Do you know where we are planning to go?”

“That’s what I have been asking you from the very beginning”, I said

“You will not believe if I tell the story”, he bashed like a girl. He started speaking to me by not seeing me. “Oh! God! What’s happening?” I wondered.

“See Ryan I am just here to eradicate my weekend loneliness, for that it least bothers me for what you have called me here”, I said to myself.

But for the namesake I kept my face like so much excited to know his reason and asked, “tell me the story first, then I’ll decide to believe r not”.

“Ok! Let me reveal it, we are going to see a girl for me”, He told me by looking at the wall side.
Whaaaaat! I yelled and asked him “Did you call me for just net surfing?”

“Net surfing? What do you mean? “, he questioned me seriously.

"I mean searching a girl through matrimony", I replied him.

"Na.. Na..", he stopped me there.

“Really we are moving to see a girl for me, a family is waiting for us for our formal visit to see their girl”, he said it bashfully.

I was little bit shocked now and said, “Really, don’t kid me yaar”.

“It’s true man! What do I get if I lie?” he shouted at me.

“Cool! It’s a family belonging to Kerala settled in Gurgaon for the past 20 years”, he added.
I got froze by his firmness, now; I stunned and got electrified by his statement. I can value his idea of not sharing this thing with other friends but I couldn’t understand the gravity and actual sense behind this formal visit to girl’s home without consulting his parents too.

My conscience alarmed me of getting ensured the loose ends before enter into that completely.

(Will Continue-Sathish)

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