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Realizing Inherent Divinity-The New India (2..contd..)

Ayodhya Debate:

Unlike the case of Kashmir, this is an internal issue which had its beginning far earlier than Kashmir’s, solely on religious base, later transformed in to a beaming Socio-Political debate on Religious pedestal; can say,  purely by Indians.

 It’s an issue on owning a land predominantly by two different religious followers, “Hindus & Muslims” on their own beliefs and accounts; unfortunately depending on historical evidences which were buried and destroyed by the fists of time. Not lesser than Kashmir in the aspect of destructing India’s reputations across globe.

“Ayodhya” historically and religiously is believed by Hindus following Hinduism-a dominated religion in India as one of the holy places for Hindus. The disputed land and location of Babri Masjid is considered by Hindus as the birth place “Lord Rama” and the Masjid was built by destroying an existed Hindu temple by Muslims after Babur’s invasion. On the other side it’s a historical landmark for Muslims as a Masjid was built on 16th century.

The Current Significance and Analysis:

Allahabad High court pronounced the verdict on almost 60 years old suit (in fact, on stages later, further more litigants were joined on the same ground by both the religious followers) on 30th of last September 2010. Despite the history of debated land and location of “Babri Masjid” started at as early as 16th century, the first communal riot on this base was burst out on mid of 19th century under British rule. Believed from records, that, this land dispute went to the court of Faizabad, in the state of UP for the first time on1950 in the Post Independent era of India, which were moved then before Allahabad high court, for which the court adjudged the verdict on last September. Faizabad is a district in which Ayodhya is located, many Indians may hear this name for the first time which shows, how the nature and sensitiveness of the issue forced the people to focus on the debate exclusively.

Also, by records, though ‘Ayodhya’, debate emerged into the street immediately after country’s freedom, it got its vehemence louder by the middle of 1980s when some of the Hindu religious movements like VHP showed and propagated their main principle as to build a temple for Lord Ram in the disputed area. The sense of building Ram’s temple and protecting Masjid in the disputed land has been regularly reminded by some of the Religious movements and fuelled by Political Parties on strict followers of Hindus and Muslims respectively whenever small clashes related or similar to this issue broke out at any corners of India.

Notably, later in 90s the situations were very tensed and moved to very worst shape only because of the entry of political parties into it. Being the largest state of India with historical places which declare rich heritages of both Hindus and Muslims, it has been the hotspot for any party willing to hold a National party status in the nation.  And that was the period when BJP evolved as a very prominent opposite party to Congress who has been ruling the nation 3/4th of its Post independence era. For political sustenance and profits this issue was politicized deliberately and publicly by majority of the Political parties by supporting and enhancing the split and cleavage between people on a religious cause. They augmented the severity of cracks between people by throwing their fiery acidic words on each other and torching communal violence here and there. Also, were very careful on not allowing the people to take a state or stand of harmony.  

BJP tried to show the nation as a great savior of Hindus and Hinduisms, on the other hand Congress focusing on Muslims votes, attempted to show as a party keen on ensuring security of Minorities in a Hindu-Majority nation; as it knew that the traditional Hindu votes to Congress can’t be easily damaged since it is composed of followers of supposed to be great leaders like Nehru, Rajiv and Indira of India. Also many a time congress steps into an act of demonstrating “Gandhi-The Father of Nation” as Congress’s sole asset by ripening the profit from people’s forgetfulness.

These kind of attitudes of political leaders who never thought to tranquil the fire out of this religious issue, just twisted the situation worsen by leading their respective followers on their narrowed philosophies which is exactly opposite to India’s Secularism. This notorious behavior of the leaders and their followers paved way to the 1992 demolition of “Babri Masjid” by few Hindus following BJP -a disastrous, not –retrievable, unjustified and shameful act. As a ruling party both State and Central government were ineptitude. It slashed a permanent dent and brooked an unstoppable bleeding on India’s face and heart respectively for ever. This disgusting and disgraceful event led to face a new threat to India forever (India is still being wailed because of this main repercussion caused out of this demolition), falsely invited the already waiting evil hands to enter this issue. “The now Mumbai then Bombay 1993 serial blast” was stated by the Muslim extremists, carried out in retaliation of the demolition, which snatched many invaluable, precious civilian lives and public properties. Totally it tumbled the lifestyle of an average Indian. A best example of the dreadful impacts out of a biased stand of a ruling party (Congress) for its party benefits by showing their reckless efforts on Nation’s interest, Lack of Foreseeing ability and Poor administration.

Before India realized to come out of that trauma, many such terrific explosions and attacks were carried out all across the nation by various extremist groups which diminished the faith of a common man on his life and the nation.  Low flash point communal zones were been carved out of these disastrous events. Now, the radical movements have proliferated well and have their networks very strong and they have been regularly challenging Indian Government and Democracy by their evil attacks.

Though the few Hindu brothers by claiming the disputed area as birth place of their god convicted an unforgivable event, it was not generously considered and maturely approached by some of our Muslim brothers. They also gaped and gave room to widen the cleavage more; the aftermath unleashed violence and communal ruptures showed the followers lack of knowledge and understanding the principles and teachings of Religions for which they are fighting for. Each and every Religion says and teaches a lot about the “tolerance and significance of mankind” as the top of all. Where they lost the basic notions while they brutally assaulted the common civilians? How they forgot that the outrageous, denouncing factors which propelled them to react to the demolition was a “National insult” for the country which has its soul on “Harmony in Diversified Cultural heritages”. No religion is preaching to stop and force the one who follows other.  No religion is supporting such inhuman behaviors. Poorly enraptured followers led by leaders who are also unclear about religious principles led to carve India’s worst phase in the history.

Keeping aside the communal factions which have been existed since well earlier of the issue among the people of the country, if we look at the reasons for longevity of this issue which was reshaped into totally a different form by compaing it with what it was earlier, one can find the locus as the leaders who are/were communally, Regionally, Linguistically, Philosophically corrupted,  make use of Politics to misguide innocent people and play by handling them as puppets by laying pores on Democracy.  It’s purely a collective failure of "India and its Political system ability to produce such efficient, patriotic leaders" who can lead the nation by keeping nation’s interest as foremost. Here India is meant as "The People of India"

(Will end in next post-Sathish)

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