Sunday, October 10, 2010

Realizing Inherent Divinity-The New India (3..contd..)

Response of “The Generation-New India

'Every Generation is a new Nation’ – Dr. B.R. Ambedkar. As his words, India is being functioned and operated by fresh blood. India’s this generation which has its dimensions well defined, can be exemplified and boasted as one which has nearly inherited the real India’s essence of Sovereignty, Fraternity, Secularism and Tolerance.

The New India- identified as very dynamic and intelligent society has its Geographical footprints much wider than ever before. Indians of this generation have their Perspectives and Opinions differed and more Generous than their elders and so their approach. They try to find and perceive the evils which make them standstill while rests around them are moving ahead. They feel firmly that India was instinctively trapped into these ruptures-‘historical blunders’ which have let the nation dormant for almost 60 years since independence. They now refurbish their thoughts to weed out the differences and believe “Continuing to adjust & dwell on old ruptures are as same as shouldering hell on back".

After India opened its gate for globalization, the world which was at the reception is at one’s palm now. In order to resound the immediate steps required to take the nation on its own inherent divine path, they have started to contribute through all their possible ways like Media and Communication, Politics, Education, Growing Science and Technology to talk and request the People of India to recap its real own noble traits. In both the issues, the highly educated New India is very eager to convey the messages to foster Nation’s integrity by all means. It was quite visible from India’s reflections on both of these issues “The Calm and Matured responses for the Verdict of Allahabad High Court” and  “The way Kashmir returned back to its normal life after State’s appeal”. 

Also, it seems, facing quite a long period of time (issues poisoning the preservative concepts of India’s secularism), the new India feels very weariness and frustrations over these issues which have been tarnishing India’s image across the Globe. Due to these issues shattering nation’s real elite nature and their bad reverberations which are directly faced and deeply felt by this generation having its global frontiers widened than ever before, gets terribly nudged and insulted by comparing with contemporary civilized world. Though both the issues are still alive, the thing to ponder is the diligent change in their way of approaching the longing issues.  Remarkably, the Religious loyalties which have been driven the issues very badly so far are started receding.

It has begun to realize that there should be a time for all to accept changes, else will be forced to. By reiterating the fact that the nation is still standing at the same spot when it was at the time of Independence as far as any internal conflicts are concerned; it boldly instructs the people to be conscious in learning from mistakes. It attempts to make understand how we have been looted our invaluable energy unfortunately by ourselves. Energizing entire country to remove all past blemishes on it’s Sovereignty, Fraternity and Secularism, this generation stresses the people to have a look back to understand the seriousness of requirement of positive improvements. 

Many people argue, “What the nation can get from a very few revivals?” Also, they argue that just being silent in the aching issues can not be either taken as signal of “Social Maturity” or considered as a state of “Started moving”. They should remember one thing that Pages of World History have many proofs for every successful effort started from a state of nothing. Revolutions which astonished & changed world’s history were only budded after keen silent observations.

The greatest delights of these improvements are the birth of a society which started to travel for a noble cause which constitutes,
a) People those who crossed the phase of silence and are now in action to appeal the mass to feel “What actually a real India is”
b) People who are in vast, have just withered their old differences and silently assessing themselves; but, at the verge of following the people who are in action.

The New India views and weighs these so called sensitive issues as things to show even a very least and little glimpse as far as countries like India is concerned. It prefers to keen on investing interests on focusing nation’s very prominent concerns like Poverty, Education, Basic needs and Better Lifestyle. "It’s very sad to take a note that basic facilities which other parts of world enjoying is still meant as a standard of sophistications for India; even by Indians itself". This emphasizes how far India is from ground reality, behind other developed countries and where it needs to focus its talents and interests.

Conclusively, the recent changes and developments in India make one to feel, "Yes! The New Generation has already started moving to make its fulfillments by itself; and, triggered others who have started evaluating themselves silently to follow sign boards left behind for them by the pioneers". It's obviously true and visible too. JAI HIND!


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